Students at IHM are challenged to possess a fundamentally sound foundation with the ability to grow. Student-to-teacher ratios are small enough to give every child the attention needed to be successful.



staff/faculty directory

area name Email
Principal Dan Smith
Admin. Assistant Pat House
Pre-Kindergarten Suzanne Niedzwiedz
Kindergarten Jessica Bruce
First Grade Kari Lazenby
Second Grade Melanie Holland
Third Grade Dawn Sagar
Fourth Grade Monica Craig
Fifth Grade Mary Loyd
Sixth Grade/Math Patricia Chmielewski
Seventh Grade/Science Weslena MacLaird
Eighth Grade/Lang. Arts Michael Boyd
Computer/Religion Holly Scott
Religion Christie Powell
Holly Scott
Library Holly Scott
Music Linda Tapson
Art Sally Jones
Spanish Paola Ricaurte
Physical Education    
Cafeteria Nancy Flanagan
Karen Murphy
Facility Manager Greg Tribby  
After School Care Kak Kelly